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About Webstart

Jacob Møller Jensen

21. April 2020     |     Teknologi     |     3 min.

Welcome to Webstart - thanks for your interest in this webpage. Webstart is a learning platform for all people interested in web-development, programming and IT. Webstart is a great way to learn in your tempo and develop your skills with creative and smart solutions.

Webstart is developed by me, Jacob Møller. I am an independend programmer and web developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. I started Webstart becouse i wanted to build a unique learning experience for students at all skill levels. I like the idea of getting yourself motivated and learn independendly but not by just studeing theory; by testing your knowledge, writing code, troubleshoot, plan and develop ideas.

As a independend programmer i also wanted to give a full view for the learner into how it is planning, developing and publishing software with real life examples. I plan to extend this even further with possible partnerships with IT companies that shapes the software we use everyday.


The audience for the content on Webstart is 15-20 year old students interested in Programming, Web-development & Design.

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At this time Webstart is in active development and WILL contain bugs. All features subject to change. All or parts of the current data may not function in future versions.

Development Roadmap

Development Roadmap updated 21/04 2020


For any inquiries or questions regarding Webstart, please contact us by mail: